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Beach or Mountains


ENG 121 English language Composition I

Lindsay Harrel

25 OCT 2012

Beach vs . Mountains 2

Our company is always looking towards their holiday period. There are plenty of options best places to choose in california. I think which the two most usual places people choose for going on a trip are the beach locations and the mountains. Both places offer a selection of activities and a calm place to rest. The beach features items that the mountain simply cannot offer and vice versa. The mountains and the shorelines are totally different environments to obtain your getaway. The purpose of this kind of essay is usually to contrast the climate, types of activities and places of beach locations and mountain range. I'm going to talk about mountains first. The three factors I'm going to discuss are environment, types of activities and location. Climate is usually important to be able to enjoy holidays. If a person dislikes cold temperature, he or she may have a hard time in the mountains. The cold climate in the mountain range is the initial barrier to enjoying them, but the local climate and the temp of these specific zones also decide the types of activities they offer. Snow-boarding, mountain climbing, pile biking, walking, and winter sports are some activities people can enjoy when going to the mountains. There are many regions which may have mountains exactly where people can go and have an excellent vacation. Canada is a region Beach or Mountains a few

located in North America and contains various mountain holiday sites in which people might be and have fun. I'm going to talk about the beach second. The three factors I'm going to talk about are weather, types of activities and placement. Warm local climate is one of the most important features of outdoor. Sun and fun will be two terms that describe the beach. The temperature in those locations is always warm. The sea and the warm local climate determine the actions that are available at the sea. People may swim, perform volleyball, enjoy soccer,...

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