Are Trampolines Risky?

 Are Jumpers Dangerous? Dissertation

Discussion: Trampolines are not dangerous… nonetheless it does depend on which kind of playground equipment you have. You need a trampoline that has a net which springs will be covered. You can't have a trampoline without net which is springs will be sticking out. Love Kaytlyn's debate you need to be cautious and stick to the rules even if the trampoline is extremely safe. They can be great fun if you follow the guidelines and it can always be great physical exercise. So it will depend on which kind you have and the people who put it to use.

Rebuttal #1: You may state how safe the playground equipment is does not matter and that the kids might get hurt any way. But it would be better if you have a safe trampoline, so if you get hurt it might not end up being as negative. And when children are jumping the can have fun work out and be secure. And slightly safety is better then not one.

Rebuttal #2: Trampolines are certainly not dangerous they are great workout and are incredibly fun, nonetheless they do should be used thoroughly. No " acrobatics”, flips or tricks. Unless will be trained with a coach or teacher. You say their dangerous although really it is the people who use them. Most incident according to my research happens because they may have an open playground equipment and or the individual is doing anything dangerous… it can not the trampoline.

Rebuttal #3: Many injuries happen to be again because the don't follow the rules Tips


Too many people

No guidance

Prevalent injuries: sprains, strains, bone injuries, bruises, and, tissue injuries. Less prevalent: Head and neck accidents

In my document it says most accidents are induced because they don't follow rules or perhaps they do ridiculous things. Jumpers aren't harmful when employed correctly therefore that's what every one needs to do. 2009

98, 500 injured

a few, 100 hospitalized

10% went to the E. R

Rebuttal #4: Trampolines aren't harmful even if the young daughter supposedly died because of upon. The little woman who passed away on the playground equipment is unhappy but not the trampolines mistake. It was a lot of winds fault. As you unhappy she was jumping plus the air built her soar up...

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