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AirAsia is a price range airline that is certainly popular with the slogan, 'Now Everyone Can Fly'. With this slogan displays an air travel AirAsia to consumers in lower and middle school. Various companies that have been given by AirAsia which is reserve the service, repayment service, examining service, inflight service, Insurance AirAsia, AirAsia credit card yet others. В

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) is the initial airline in Malaysia, which usually since 70 has more. В In the year 2006, Malaysia Flight companies reported a loss of RM1. 3 billion dollars. В But within the various endeavours, launched alongside the Business Transformation Plan, Malaysia Airlines made from deficits to earnings between FY2006 and FY2007. When the Organization Turnaround Strategy came to an end, the airline published a record profit of 851 million Ringgit (265 , 000, 000 dollars) in 2007, closing a series of deficits since 2005. The result surpassed the target of RM300 Million by 184%. Various services that was offered by POREM which are arrange your service, MHkisosk, MHbuddy, Favorite location, payment solutions, checked luggage, check-in assistance MH encounter, Enrich assistance, Mas travel insurance and others. В

By using the SWOT analysis we are able to learn about the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks to AirAsia 1 . Power - Workforce is very adaptable and excessive CommittedВ installment payments on your Weakness-received a lot of issues due to Their servicesВ 3. Chance - increasing oil priceВ

4. Menace - notion that finances airlines Costs compromise safety to keep lowВ

For Malaysia Airlines' advantages, weaknesses, options and risks to the CONTUDO isВ 1 . Strength -- Emphases prove hospitality and cabin team networkВ installment payments on your Weakness -- quality competition with AirAsiaВ

3. Opportunity- change in customer preferencesВ

some. Threat -- change in economyВ

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