An instance Study of Besi Waja

 A Case Research of Besi Waja Article


Besi Waja Finalizing Company was founded in yr 1998 by Hashim Musa. The company can be recycled materials in the manufacture of newspaper products, and metal and glass goods. The main point in this instance study is the fact Besi Waja need bank loan from Bank Barat when it comes to increasing you’re able to send stock of scrap metallic. Besi Waja considered that loan of RM200, 000 being adequate intended for the company. Because of this, the solution for this case study is that Bank Barat should give the loan to Besi Waja in order for organization to increase their business. To know fine detail about situations and performance of the company, all of us calculate the financial of money flow, ratios and "balance sheet".


Besi Waja had some problem in grow their business. The problem that have been observed in year 1990's when the organization had survived the ‘shake-out', as it came into existence known through the entire economy in which at that time, the recession was happen and it offer impact to thousands of firms. Besides that, Besi Waja also got some a problem to increase the company's stock of scrap metallic in season 2010. Just lately, a large part of railroad monitor and rolling steel had been dismantled by certain details in the country and unusually large supply of metallic had become obtainable. So , this business considered to acquire a loan of RM200, 000 to provide the problem.


Besi Waja Processing Organization is a company that recycled of metal, goblet and newspaper that were started on season 1998. The entire profit of company was increase yr by season and it become as strength to the company. The processes metallic was transported to foundries across Malaysia for use in a number of applications. Actually the company was such an crucial supplier of metal to specific foundries, and it had become necessary to keep some level of products on hand on hand for company to ensure the demands could be met immediately. The scales forecast pertaining to Besi Waja for year 2011 was RM15million. Besides, Besi Waja Processing a new long-standby standing as a well-run company. Additionally , bank's financial loan officer, Shukor Halim relaxed grapevine mentioned that Hashim handled his credits very well.

In January 2011, Hashim Musa, the particular owner and manager of Besi Waja Finalizing Company, got into contact with a mortgage from Traditional bank Barat in order to enhance their organization activities. The objective of approached a bank loan is usually to increasing you’re able to send stock of scrap metallic. In order to effectively manage the case, Hashim regarded as a loan of RM200, 000 to be enough for his short-term debts.


4. 1Question 1

Develop the cash movement statement in 2010 which will demonstrate the company's condition. Analyze the company's cash flow location and its ability to expand.

|Besi Waja Finalizing Company | |Cash Circulation Statement to get the Year 2010 | | | | | | | |В |В |RM |В |RM | |Net Profit Following Tax |В |336, 1000 |В |В | |Depreciation |В |50, 000 |В |В | |Accounts Receivables |В |(209, 742) |В |В | |Inventory...

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