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 44b0beb7e5bdb5c5a53048a3bdfd123b a2939ff21f8aa043ef2b4232f2dc6236 Essay


Barker Business has a single product called a Zet. The company normally produces and sells 85, 000 Zets each year for a selling price of $40 per product. The company's product costs as of this level of activity are given listed below:

Direct supplies


9. 50 В

Direct labor

10. 00 В

Adjustable manufacturing expense

2 . 70 В

Fixed manufacturing over head

5. 00 В

($400, 000 total) В

Varying selling expenses

1 . 70 В

Fixed selling expenditures

4. 50 В

($360, 000 total) В

Total cost per unit


33. 50В В

A number of questions relating to the availability and sale of Zets are given below. Each question is usually



1 .

Imagine Barker Company has satisfactory capacity to generate 100, 1000 Zets each year without any increase in fixed developing overhead costs. The company could maximize sales by 25% over a present eighty, 000 products each year if it were ready to increase the fixed selling bills by $150, 000.


Calculate the incremental net operating salary. (Negative sum should be mentioned by a minus sign. )

Incremental net operating cash flow

$170, 500 В


Would the increased set selling expenditures be validated?


Not any

2 .

Suppose again that Barker Business has satisfactory capacity to create 100, 1000 Zets each year. The company has an opportunity to sell off 20, 1000 units in an overseas marketplace. Import responsibilities, foreign permits, and other unique costs associated with the order would total $14, 000. The sole selling costs that would be linked to the order will be $1. 50 per device shipping expense. Compute the per product break-even price on this buy. (Do not really round advanced calculations. Round your response to 2 decimal places. )

Break-even price per product

$ 24. 50В


One of the components used in the production of Zets is extracted from a foreign dealer. Civil unrest in the supplier's country features caused a cutoff in material deliveries...

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