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CS VI – Useful resource Collection Products

RC VI-1: The identity and info of your state's agency that may be responsible for the regulation of nursery centers and family nursery homes. (Note: These rules are available at the web site of the Countrywide Resource Centre for Health insurance and Safety in Child Care: Make a copy of the sections that explain the qualification requirements to get personnel (teachers, directors and assistants) and group size, adult-child proportion requirements.

Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Relatives Services

275 E. Primary St .

Frankfort, Ky. 40621


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CS VI – Resource Collection Items

RC VI-2: A summary of two or three early on childhood associations (national, local, state or perhaps local), including website details, describing the professional solutions and account opportunities both offer.

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)

NAEYC offers various perks with the membership. To start with, they send the latest research-based ideas through their magazines and periodicals. You also obtain discounts for conferences and off NAEYC books.

National Head Start Association (NHSA)

NHSA presents members entry to new catalogs that are both free or perhaps up to 90% off retail, access to associates only website, subscription to magazines, and access to hundreds of job listings.

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CS NI – Resource Collection Items

RC VI-3: Summaries with the legal requirements in your area regarding child abuse and neglect (including contact information intended for the appropriate firm in your state) and Required Reporting Guidelines.

Cabinet pertaining to Health and Relatives Services

Call 1-800-597-2331 to report mistreatment

The law states that it is the duty of everyone who may have reasonable cause to believe a child depends, abused, or neglected to survey this information. If you have reason to trust that mistreatment is going on and you avoid report it, then you can be charged which has a crime. The moment calling, there are specific things you have to report. One example is: name and age of your child, as well as why is you think that abuse can be taking place.

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CS VI – Reflective Proficiency Statement VI

To maintain a commitment to professionalism

Commence the statement with a paragraph describing how your specialist practices meet this Normal. My specialist practices fulfill this Common by doing my personal best to meet the needs of the children, retaining confidentiality, continuing to learn through training, and through working with the parents. I don't deliver my house life with me for the facility, and i also talk and act appropriately with my personal co-workers, the children, and the parents. I believe you have to maintain a specialist attitude always while at operate. This is crucial to build both trust and a good working environment for both equally myself plus the children.

CS VI a: Reflect on how come you made a decision to become a beginning childhood professional I chose to get an early child years professional mainly because I love dealing with children. I am amazed by your children and how quickly they study. Just by being near all of them, I have discovered as much from them as they have from me personally. My finest joy is usually seeing the children's faces and how they will light up after they learn something totally new. I anticipate teaching all of them every day.

CS VI b: Reflect on the things you believe will be the most important indicators of professionalism that you own. I believe that one of the most important symptoms of professionalism and reliability that I have is privacy, my capacity to work with parents and children, and the capacity to keep my personal life separated from my personal professional existence. I think that confidentiality is important for creating a trusting...